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Snow Pirate Warrior (Bronze) Achieve a Career Level.
Complete Episode 5 (Bronze) Complete all the chapters in Episode.Achievements Achievement Description 100-Chapter Playback (10) Play through 100 chapters 200-Chapter Playback (20) Play through 200 chapters 300-Chapter Playback (30) Play through 300 chapters A Collector's collector (50) Unlock all items (weapons, abilities, nom de guerre) A Thousand Unmarked Graves (15) Defeat 1000 enemy soldiers.Short Range, shotgun, unlocked: Initially unlocked, description: Basic weapon of the Short Range set.Heavy Weapons Rocket Launcher Unlocked: Initially unlocked Description: Basic weapon of the Heavy Weapons set.Energy Grenade Unlocked: Slot Machine Description: The explosion from this grenade will oust a VS pilot.Rookie (Bronze) Complete the game on Easy.
It's So Easy (Bronze) Play any combination of chapters 39 times on Easy.
Nevec Black Ops Commander (Silver) Achieve a Career Level.
Works gratis slots online wheel of fortune word spill the same as a regular shield but has a different design.
Reach level 80, mercenary A Model Parts, reach level.
Shoot an ally to boost their attack power.
Plasma Grenade III Unlocked: Slot Machine Description: Similar to the standard Plasma grenade, but won't detonate when shot.Energy Gun, unlocked: Slot Machine, description: Fires a concentrated beam of thermal energy.Thermal Energy Reactor (Bronze) Accumulate a combined total of more than 99999 units of thermal energy.Plasma Cannon SP Unlocked: Attain a Career Level of 50 for nevec Black Ops Description: A type of Plasma Cannon.Then just Simply Input these Passwords.Description: Shots fired home in on targets and may stun on hit.Energy Gun SP, unlocked: Attain a Career Level of 70 for Femme Fatales.Honeymoon Period (Bronze) Celebrate your six-month anniversary with lost planet.Essentially, a thermal energy-powered rocket launcher.