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Yep, this one is another dining-out in Albany version.
Anyone else see the wnyt news ad on Channel 13 with Phil Bayly and Paul Caiano having breakfast together at MAD? .
These little beauties are not on the menu at the Hamilton Ave El Mariachi. .
As you can see in the photo, it afforded five pieces of nigiri sushi. .The freshness of the fish was outstanding. .I ordered a jerk chicken panini, and was dissapointed with how little jerk flavor it had. .I cant say the nigiri was Sasos level good, but it was darn close (we like the rice at Sasos better). .I never order corned beef hash.It was served on a skillet and mixed with the eggs beautifully. .It came with a wasabi cole slaw that I thought was quite interesting (in a good way). .It was excellent and had a sweetness. .Track 12- Sasos Every Breath You Take Ok, we are kinda stalkers for this place a little like Mel from Flight of The Conchords.I Wonder, michal Runge, i Wonder if time ever stopped if it ever broke like a clock if a coin was always round if G-d is always around if mommy and daddy miss me if I could climb a pear tree if they wish.Wed definitely go back.
So, when Harry called me to kjope ps3 spill pa nett arrange his proposal to his beautiful girlfriend, Kathy, and specifically requested the Phoenician, I knew it would be magical!
Corned beef hash, this was excellent; I was shocked; let me explain. .
I really enjoyed. .
Did you know that the resort is completing extensive renovations to make it even more amazing?!
Plus Nacho is free to run around in their fenced in yard. .
Plus, they were super nice to Nacho (our dog) and gave him a water bowl as we dined outside.
I guess we never thought of Justins as a breakfast place, but the breakfast we had was really quite good. .Track 7-, el Mariachi (on Washington Ave taquitos.Like a lovelorn teenager who wont leave you alone, Ive made another mix-tape. .Track 1-, justins, breakfast, we stopped in for breakfast on a Sunday morning after strolling through Washington Park. .Steak and fried plantain french fries'.Cute place that we can walk. .Miso Soup Special Cati and I hadnt been to Avenue A since they moved from Avenue A to Delaware Ave (but they kept the name Avenue A). .We were surprised at how good it was. .They had live sea urchin in the sushi case, and although it was pricey, we couldnt pass. .Every time I visit the, phoenician Resort, Scottsdale I am blown away by the immaculate grounds and impeccable service afforded by the venue.They were both delicious. .This dish comprised an entrecote steak, fried plantains (yum refried beans, white rice, a fried pork-skin rind, a piece of sausage, white rice, an avocado, a little rice cake (I think and a fried egg. .